Episode 2: Trash Dove Armistice

Em’s apartment has a pigeon infestation. Plus, the elephant in the single-bedroom second-floor unit.

Transcripts are available at: https://godsheadincidental.com/transcripts/

Content warnings:

  • Vermin infestation
  • Discussion of kidnapping
  • Anxiety and avoidance
  • Gas leaks
  • Heights/falling

The Godshead Incidental is created by Cara Ehlenfeldt and Amy Giacomucci and produced by Cara Ehlenfeldt. Our Sound Designer and Recording Engineer is Philipp Gaissert. Our Production Manager and Assistant Editor is Abby Norling-Ruggles. Our Social Media/Publicity Manager is Hannah Ehlenfeldt.

Our theme music is composed by Irene Zhong and mixed and mastered by Madhav Ghei. Our credits music is “Everything You Do” by Irene Zhong. Our cover art is by Maddie Rode Design.

Ishani Kanetkar as Em
Christopher Wilson as Tervis
Maya Armstrong as Therese
Abby Doud as E.B.
Cole Burkhardt as Lorem
Sam Mauceri as Carol the GSU Admin
David Rheinstrom as Em’s Dad
Phil Gaissert as 6F
Amanda Hufford as the God of Pigeons
Jonesy Jones as the Baker